If you are seeking financial aid to pursue your hospitality studies, then we invite you to prepare an application using the process outlined here:

You must show a confirmation of application to the school or the proof of enrollment when applying for financial aid

Your application should include all the requested documents.

  • Cover letter addressed to the Fondation des Bourses & Prêts d’Honneur EHL.
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Last available income tax certificates of sponsors and/or your own (if applicable)
  • Copy of all sponsors and students bank statements for the last 3 months (balance only, no transaction details)
  • 3 last salary slips of sponsors and/or your own (if applicable)
  • All your current study transcripts or transcripts from your last school
  • 2 reference letters (1 from an EHL teacher if applicable & 1 from a former employer/teacher). The reference letter needs to be written on letterhead with a handwritten signature.
The quality of your application will be the first criteria in the decision of the Financial Aid Committee. That’s why we will only consider complete applications respecting all the rules mentioned. Your complete application will be forwarded to the members of the Financial Aid Committee. We will come back to you with their decision as soon as possible. Please note that the decision of the committee will not be explained.

If you’re facing difficulties or if you need help in the application process, please contact us.

The deadlines for the submission of your application are set as follows:

For AP/ Bachelor/ Master program :
  • 30 October for the Spring intake of the next school year
  • 30 May for the Fall intake of the next school year
For Swiss Professional Degree (EHL Campus Passugg) :
  • 30 August for the Spring intake of the next school year
  • 28 February for the Fall intake of the next school year

Applications that are submitted through email will not be considered or reviewed.


Please note that our financial aid resources are assigned annually, and there is no guarantee that a student’s scholarship or loan will be renewed the following year. 

Renewal of the financial aid allocation is not automatic; it must be requested ever year or semester for the following term. 

Many criteria are taken into consideration for each candidate, such as financial need, personal motivation, and academic and professional achievements, among others. 


Please note that you can apply to several foundations at the same time.

Contact us

For any questions you may have, do not hesitate to contact us.