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Fondation des bourses et prêts d'honneur EHL helps put students on the track of professional and personal success.

Building bright futures in hospitality & tourism

We help talented students who need financial aid to pursue their dreams of a hospitality education, which empowers them for future personal and professional success. Donations to our scholarship and loan foundation help support equal-opportunity access to higher education and give deserving students a chance to access international career opportunities or give back to their communities with valuable skill sets and knowledge.

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Interview Philippe

Philippe Lixi Yang


"My scholarship has been the key to unlock the doors of EHL, turning my cherished dream into a lived experience filled with academic achievement and global camaraderie."
Thomas Goval Testimonial

Thomas Goval

Acting General Manager at the Bürgenstock Hotels and Resort

“ Without the scholarship support from EHL I wouldn’t be where I currently am. Be yourself, be brave, be perseverant and fight for what you dream of.”


Arturo Sims

AEHL 2012

"I was fortunate to receive a full scholarship that created access for me to study at EHL. Studying at EHL, a world-class university, prepared me for my career and personal successes achieved so far.  I am forever grateful for the opportunity that was created for me through the generosity of another.”

Thierry Lombard

"I am pleased to acknowledge that EHL, with the support of numerous internal and external stakeholders (including myself), has implemented a student scholarship strategy which creates access to education."


Marina Kolmogorova

AEHL 2023

“Thanks to my scholarship, I was able to focus on my studies and self-development, which helped me achieve my goal of graduating with honours.”


About us

The Fondation des bourses et prêts d'honneur EHL is a non-profit organisation working to support equal-opportunity access to hospitality education for talented and deserving students who need financial aid.

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Our services

For students

We help talented students who need financial aid to pursue their dreams of a hospitality education, which empowers them for future personal and professional success.

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For donors

Help us deliver scholarships to students in financial need to have a significant impact, thereby supporting equal opportunity access to hospitality education and giving deserving students a chance for an international career in the fields of hospitality and tourism.

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Our boutique

We strive to select products that are made lovingly and respectfully. All profits go to the Fondation des Bourses et prêts d'honneur EHL.

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Why donate?

  • A life-long gift: Your donation allows a deserving student to obtain a hospitality education that will elevate his career prospects for life.
  • Freedom to choose: All donations are tax deductible and flexible (depending on your country of origin) ; you choose the frequency and amount you wish to contribute.
  • Wise investment: Our Foundation uses your donations wisely, ensuring their safeguard, maintenance and profitability.


Donate now and help us make hospitality education available beyond socio-economic boundaries, to elevate the global industry as well as the future of youths around the world and the global industry.

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