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Are you facing financial difficulties that may prevent you from pursuing your hospitality studies?
You may be eligible to receive financial aid in the form of a scholarship or loan.
We help exemplary students to finance their hospitality education in Swiss public universities and learning institutions.
Because we appreciate the value of hospitality education for your personal and professional success, as well as for the future of the hospitality and tourism industry.


Two types of financial aid

We offer two types of financial aid for students who demonstrate a proven financial need and a clear commitment to their academic and professional future in the field of hospitality management.

Partial Scholarships: The money is allocated to you, without the expectation of reimbursement, to cover part of your tuition fees and/or mandatory study related expenses.

Honorary Loans: The money is lent to you at a 0% interest rate, to cover part of your tuition fees and/or mandatory study expenses, with the obligation to repay the loan upon completion of your studies.

How to apply

Do you qualify ?

You may qualify for our financial aid services if you are interested in studying hospitality in a Swiss public university or vocational school.

What we look for :


We seek students who have a talent for the hospitality and service professions, seen in their aptitudes and achievements, such as foreign language skills, public service awards, etc.


We choose students who show a drive for academic and professional success based on their educational background and results.

Financial Need

We conduct a thorough evaluation of each candidate’s financial situation to determine if they require a scholarship or a loan, and to deliver funds to the most needful students.


We look for candidates who have great ambition and a clear plan for their future success as a professional in the industry and as a global citizen.


We expect a pecuniary contribution from the students, as far as possible, e.g. summer job, extras, etc.

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