The Foundation


The Fondation des bourses et prêts d'honneur EHL is a non-profit organisation working to support equal-opportunity access to hospitality education for talented and deserving students who need financial aid.

We promote and encourage studies in Swiss public schools, or tax-exempt schools, in honor of their public service mission to offer training in the field of hospitality management in Switzerland. The Foundation allocates scholarships, financial aid, and honorary loans to students who wish to undertake or continue studies in these schools, but who do not have the necessary financial means.

To achieve its goal, the Foundation collects all assets assigned to it, ensures their safeguard, maintenance and profitability.

Help us deliver scholarships and honorary loans to students in financial need, thereby supporting equal opportunity access to hospitality education and giving deserving students a chance for an international career in the fields of hospitality and tourism.


Our Partners

We are particularly grateful to the following long-term donors and partners who have demonstrated generous support for the Foundation, making it possible for us to accomplish our mission, year after year.

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