Did you know that hospitality education has a positive impact that goes beyond the personal success of students? Hospitality and tourism education contributes to reducing poverty, and generating inclusive and sustainable economic growth, as well as developing transferable skills and knowledge for the future. Aspiring students who can’t afford a hospitality education on their own could miss out on the chance to lead a lucrative career in hospitality and give back to the world later.

Help us deliver scholarships and honorary loans to students in financial need, thereby supporting equal opportunity access to hospitality education and giving deserving students a chance for an international career in the fields of hospitality and tourism.



Our team allocates scholarships and loans to students who wish to pursue hospitality management programs in public universities or institutions in Switzerland, based on the applicant’s demonstration of these qualities:

  • Talents for the industry
  • Merit, both academic and personal
  • Financial need
  • Motivation to succeed
  • Contribution
Bank details for donation

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Fondation des bourses et prêts d'Honneur EHL

IBAN :                   CH33 0024 3243 5309 8801 Q
Account :              0243 00530988.01Q
Bank :                    UBS Switzerland AG
NPA / Place :        1002 Lausanne 


There are different ways to set up a scholarship:

  • One-off donations may be made.
  • Private donations may be made via a sponsorship contract.
  • Donations are collected during the annual fundraising dinner

The Foundation team is here to assist you with these options.
Please contact us for details.


There is no greater gift than the opportunity for a student to pursue his dreams through higher education. As a donor to the Foundation for Scholarships and Honorary Loans, you will receive the following:

  • A certificate of donation for tax deductions.
  • Annual report of the Foundation informing you of the Foundation’s achievements and the figures of the scholarships for each academic year.
  • An invitation to the annual charity dinner.
  • All scholarships are advertised on the Foundation website and by the partner university or college.


The Foundation staff may work with you to create a customized written donation agreement that reflects the purpose of the scholarship and recipient criteria, and it outlines the responsibilities of the Foundation in awarding the scholarship.

Scholarships give the student a fixed amount of money, without the obligation to repay the funds.
Honorary loans lend the student a fixed amount of money, with the obligation to repay the loan upon completion of their studies.

The Foundation strives to create opportunities for donors and scholarship recipients to meet. We understand that it gives donors profound personal satisfaction to meet the students whose education they made possible, and the students are often eager to thank and meet their benefactors.

Scholarship donors do not usually have input into the selection of a recipient; however, they may suggest base criteria to be used when selecting the recipient.

Yes, a donor may choose to name his scholarship. Scholarships may be named after the donor, company, organization or to honor parents, professors or other important people.